Scanfisk was established in Zaragoza in 1994 with the aim to provide consumers with fresh, high-quality fish. A goal that survived and helped the company grow during more than two decades.

These years let us realize that the thing that really makes us enjoy and value our work is helping people nourish their quality of life. We believe that fish should not only contribute to improving the customers' diet but all aspects their day-to-day life. Understanding our product as a source of quality of life became our hallmark; We are Fisk.

Being Fisk signifies choosing a lifestyle where nothing is more important than well-being in all its forms. Our philosophy is guided by the motto:

Good decisions need to be taken with the head but can only be enjoyed with the heart. We believe there is no better decision than to eat intelligently to enjoy the advantages of your well-being to the fullest.


At the heart of Scanfisk's daily activity is importing fish from the best fishing areas in the world and distributing it all over the planet. This is possible thanks to an exclusive logistic system that combines land, sea and air transportation allowing us to reach any corner of the country in less than 24 hours and any part of the globe in less than 48h.

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After properly treating the fish in our facilities and portioning into desired cuts, we pack it in MAP trays to preserve its quality, improve its presentation and extend its lifetime. We then distribute it to the best retailers in the world who make sure our product reaches thousands of tables around the planet.

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Whatever presentation of product you require, we specialise in getting the best quality cod to all corners of the planet: salted, frozen or fresh, whole, filleted or shredded. Whatever your needs, you can be sure to find the best fitting offer.

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Overfishing has been damaging the marine ecosystem and all the species that inhabit it for many years. To make its footprint in the long fight against this increasingly pressing problem, Scanfisk created Azorfisk. A declaration of intentions to respect and care for planet Earth feeds the sustainable spirit of all the actors surrounding the organization.


Azorfisk, located on the shores of the astonishing Azores islands, stays faithful to the artisanal fishing techniques that have hardly changed since the Industrial Revolution. This reality makes the Azores one of the best fishing locations in the world and the fish caught there is known for its quality and freshness.

This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery.