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Cod is a white fish, low in fat and rich in protein, perfect for a varied, healthy, and balanced diet. Its lean meat, firm and delicate at the same time, is ideal for a wide selection of recipes. We have typical dishes such as cod “al ajoarriero,” “a la vizcaína,” “a la llauna” or Rioja style. Apart from the sauces, there are other creative uses, such as cod fritters, croquettes, cod omelet, or soup and rice varieties.

The choice is yours, guided by your cravings and the ingredients you find in the fridge. Check out the collection of Fisk recipes and you will surely find the perfect dish and all the guidance you need to cook it to perfection.


Cooking with the best ingredients allows you to create the best recipes and dishes. Mr. Fisk puts the best quality fish within your reach so that the final result of your culinary endeavors is spectacular. Filleted, cleaned and boneless: your only task is to unleash your culinary magic and add your special touch.