It’s taken them a long time to accept it. Yet, despite being 20 already and living for 2 years on your own, they still believe that there are things you can’t handle. It's normal; they are your parents. It’ll never quite go away because they care and worry. They think you live in a flat where something is always broken, or something is always missing. It's partly true, but they don’t know that you also have your strengths. Today is a big day. For the first time, you are the host and your parents are your guests. First of all, you organize and clean everything. You will deliver the coup de grace in another area: the kitchen, that unexplored territory full of dangers. However, your parents don't know you have a new ally. Mr. Fisk will help you prepare a delicious Mediterranean Hake. What you gonna do today? You will have a family dinner, but this time you will be the cook. They would have never imagined you preparing something so tasty and healthy. While they enjoy the food, you watch your parents and savor your victory.

Hake, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, parsley butter, olive and sunflower oil, parsley and salt.
10-15 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Mediterranean Hake
Perfect for inviting your parents for dinner.