Alaska Pollock
with cilantro and lemon

It’s Saturday. You are eager to go out. After all, it’s a beautiful sunny day. You think it’s a conspiracy against you, but it's not like that. She’s only asking for your help with "Cleaning day." Yes, all of us would love to simply delete this day from the calendar or always have a great excuse to disappear. But the truth is that a team of two can get the work done much faster. Before you know it, you will be finished! Perhaps joining will help you stop seeing yourself as lazy and let you experience this moment a bit differently. You can’t pretend that seeing your home clean and tidy doesn’t give you pleasure. That’s what you gonna do today! And when you are done, you can quickly set the table for lunch while Mr. Fisk takes care of the food. Today you will try a zesty haddock with cilantro and lemon. It will be nice to eat and relax while enjoying your clean and fresh apartment.

Haddock, potatoes, fried onions, lemon and cilantro, olive and sunflower oil, garlic, parsley and salt.
10-15 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Alaska Pollock with cilantro and lemon
Perfect weapon against laziness on a cleaning day.