a la Campesina

You just moved. You've changed flats many times, but this time it's different. A new city is another type of change. You no longer recognize the streets, bars, shops and squares. You're filled with enthusiasm to discover the world from this new perspective. Starting from square one doesn’t worry you. Your new job keeps you busy and fills you with excitement.

Thus, you leave your boxes half unpacked, grab your jacket and start discovering the perks of your new city. How great is it to lose yourself? You know perfectly well that in a few months you will know it all by heart, but today is a lot of fun. You are discovering bakeries, cafes, bars and, just around the corner, a supermarket. Without hesitation, you go check it out.

And there it is! Mr. Fisk and your favorite dish: Haddock a la Campesina! A delicate fillet of haddock with vegetables. Your mouth waters. Yes, the city is new and unfamiliar, but the taste of haddock makes you feel at home already.

Haddock, green beans, white beans, carrots, pre-fried aubergines, pre-fried onion, olive and sunflower oil, garlic, parsley, cayenne, dehydrated tomato and salt.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Haddock a la Campesina
Perfect to explore a new city.