a la Primavera

You're about to finish. Watch out! This is the trickiest moment when mistakes happen easily. Maybe you think you already got it and it’s time to relax. Instead, prepare yourself for the final battle, keep the focus going. One last revision is missing.

Everything is in place and well-structured. An extra hour allows you to complete everything, polish all the details and add the finishing touches to your work. There are two days left until the deadline, and for the first time, you will have one whole day to review everything calmly and with composure. So this time, thanks to Mr. Fisk, you win twice. You finish the job today, and you won't stress tomorrow. Oh, sorry, you win three times! In just three minutes, another prize comes out of the microwave.

A fresh and light cod a la Primavera that will take away your hunger without stealing your time and attention from the final battle.

Cod, olive and sunflower oil and spices.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Cod a la Primavera
Perfect to finish your projects as best as you can.