Al ajillo

Lucky you put the potatoes on just before the phone rang. Nowadays, there are not as many calls as there are messages, but once in a while an unexpected call can surprise you and change your plans. Your cousin wanted to hear your voice, nothing more. You are both so busy you never have time to see each other and catch up. Naturally, without planning or intention, you find yourselves sharing stories and emotions.

Little by little, you both feel as close as you used to before. The time is passing; you continue to listen to your cousin until she, suddenly, wonders why you are not in a hurry today. "What's going on? It’s almost 3 pm, and you don’t have to run? " That’s when you tell her about your new friend, Mr. Fisk. He's taking care of your food. In a few minutes, you will eat a splendid hake with garlic and a side of potatoes.

Your cousin assures you that next time, she won’t just call but visit so she, too, can meet this new friend.

Hake, olive and sunflower oil, ajillo spices, parsley and salt.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Hake Al ajillo
Perfect to give you more time for your family.