Oh man, what a surprise! You haven’t seen her for almost two years. And now you are standing with your ex-colleague at the bar, drinking wine. There is nothing like a wholehearted hug to seal the joy of the lovely coincidence.

You know that if it weren’t for these chance encounters, we would miss out on many beautiful things in this life. It’s hard to forget that summer working together in Ibiza. You love to reminisce but you’ve very little time and eating together is too complicated. But this encounter deserves more than a drink before you leave. You remember that, at home, you have a tray of Salmon Provencal from Mr. Fisk.

A fish with the perfect spices to complement the glass of wine. Let’s go! Make the most of the great food and conversation.

Salmon, olive and sunflower oil, spices and salt.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Salmon Provencal
Perfect to make the most out of chance encounters.