with Chili Sauce

You are not much of a DIY person. You would love to have a handyman nearby, a neighbor, a friend or a relative. But there is no one around this time. At last, you live alone. However, your new quest for independence has its pros and cons. For example, when something breaks there is no one else but you to fix it.

The socket at the side of your bed has been broken for almost two weeks. It can’t go on like this! Your laziness keeps you from the comforts of the bedside light like your nightly reading. You know perfectly well what to do. It wouldn't take more than a half an hour to fix the socket. And today you will! There is plenty of natural light; it’s a perfect opportunity. Grab your toolbox and turn off the electricity.

A few careful moves and it’s done. Of course, remember to turn the power right back on so the microwave is ready to prepare the tasty hake with sweet and sour sauce. You can enjoy your meal with extra flavor of satisfaction. Today you conquered the dark side; you defeated your laziness!

Hake and sweet and sour sauce.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Hake with Chili Sauce
Perfect for when you need to fix up the house.