with BBQ Sauce

"Interesting!" So many times you walked past a show window seeing something eye-catching. Still, you didn't stop. Most likely, you didn't have time. You planned on going back someday, but deep down you knew it wouldn't happen. You're not one of those shopping crazies. Most of your clothes are bought by chance or out of sheer necessity.

However, lately you are always in a hurry, and you haven't bought anything for a long time. That shirt you saw was fantastic. There are no longer any reasons to postpone it for another day. So, what you gonna do today? Today, you will enter the store, and make that shirt yours! In the end, you don’t need that much time, just the time Mr. Fisk helps to save every day.

You get home tired but happy, and your food is ready in a few minutes. A tasty salmon with barbecue sauce! Be careful not to stain your new shirt!

Salmon loins and barbecue sauce.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Salmon with BBQ Sauce
Perfect to help you find time to finally do some shopping.