with Tricolor Bell Peppers

Not now! You really can't stop now. Just one more episode. You need to see what happens next. Yes, you, too, fell into the trap. You could stay there for hours ignoring the rest of the world. "Binge-watchers" they call them.

Well, now you understand. Dammit! You are one of them. You are desperate to find another equally great pleasure that will distract you. Before starting another episode, you have to find the perfect distraction to make it the last episode, at least for today. It's almost 10 pm. You will not go to bed without dinner, will you? Or, worse still, settle for junk food. A healthy meal will make you feel much better. Let's see what's in the fridge... Hake with sweet tricolor peppers!

Bingo! Mr. Fisk saved you once again. It’s lucky that among so many fictional stories, Mr. Fisk's superpower is real.

Hake, tricolor bell peppers, olive and sunflower oil, salt and black pepper.
3-4 minrest for 1 min
Today is the day of Hake with Tricolor Bell Peppers
Perfect to savour your favourite TV series.